Skycoin Skyminer Giveaway

Among all guests we are giving away Skycoin Miners, the so-called Skyminer. Everyone with a ticket has the chance to win one. This tiny little Skyminer is the backbone of the new Internet Skywire. If you connect it to your internet you are a part of the roll-out of this decentralized and free new Internet. Incidentally, you can also earn Skycoins if Skywire users use your bandwidth or your internal storage. Latest cryptography and blockchain technology makes this possible. Learn more at

Partnership with Hamburg City

We are very pleased that we could win the city of Hamburg as a strategic partner for the BLOCKCHANCE Conference and that Dr. Sebastian Saxe (CDO at BWVI of Hamburg, CDO of HPA) is our patron and will open our conference on Friday morning. It is good to see what kind of backing there is in society, which also goes deep into politics.

Early bird ticket discount

On the 15th of July there is a discount of 20% on every ticket we offer. Go to Eventbrite and buy your BLOCKCHANCE Conference Ticket right now.

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